Parmalat Canada - Winnipeg Dairy Plant

The new facility consists of an approximate area of 130,000 square feet and includes fluid milk receiving, processing and packaging in various formats (bags, jugs, gable top cartons) for retail distribution and sale, warehousing and distribution, future drying operations, and potentially other processes in the future (cheese, butter, etc.).

The facility and process has been designed and constructed to meet and exceed Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and National Dairy Regulation and Code Sector Interpretive Guideline Requirements for dairy processing facilities and in full compliance with HACCP principles. The project construction start date was late 2015.

The facility itself consists of an office building, a utilities building, milk receiving bays and silos storage, milk processing plant (pre-treatment and storage, bottling and packaging), a dry warehouse, a refrigerated warehouse and employee parking with truck access roads and fully landscaped grounds.


  • Contractor/Client:
    Manshield Construction
  • Role:
  • Date Completed:

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