Winnipeg Transit Parking and Service Bay

The project is a design/build of a new Bus Parking and Service Garage for the City of Winnipeg Transit Commission. The 12,500 m2 facility, located in the former Fort Rouge Rail Yards, is designed to park and service 135 regular transit buses.

The facility includes parking and service bays, administrative offi ces, and driver rest areas and change rooms. The project will incorporate the following sustainable initiatives: stormwater management, heat island effect reduction (both roof and non-roof), potable water use reduction both indoors and outdoors, energy performance optimization > 33% compared to MNECB, green power, recycled and regional materials, FSC certified wood, OAD monitoring, and natural daylighting.


  • Contractor/Client:
    Caspian Construction
  • Role:
    Design Build
  • Completed:

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